Sizing Ember or Thermal Guide

Please read your owner’s manual and look under floor protection section to See the what type of floor protection that your stove requires.

Ember Protection

Most stoves, whether they are natural/propane gas, pellet, wood coal or corn, only require ember protection to protect the floor underneath the heating appliance. The ember protection pads main function is to stop sparks or embers from coming in contact with your flooring. This is achieved by producing a solid non-combustible surface for the heating appliance to sit on. All ceramic ember protection hearth pads were tested and approved to U.L.1618 by Omni Research Corp., Portland Oregon.

Thermal Protection

Highest rated R-value in North America
Although most stoves are ember protection only, there are still many stoves that are manufactured here and abroad that require a thermal rated hearth board. AJ Hearth Originals have the highest rated “R” value in North America. Our thermal “R” rating is 2.1. Our ceramic thermal hearth boards are tested, approved and listed by UL in both the USA and Canada.

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