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Please read your owner’s manual and look under floor protection section to See the what type of floor protection that your stove requires.

Hearth safety begins with protecting combustible materials and exposed surfaces in your home from the heat produced in a fireplace or stove. To ensure your protection, all hearth appliances are tested to the applicable Standards of Underwriters Laboratories (UL). AJ ember protection floor protectors are tested and approved to UL 1618-2009 by Omni Laboratories of Portland, OR. AJ thermal protection floor protectors are tested and approved to UL 1618-2009 by U.L. Laboratories. The thermal protection floor protectors are a UL listed product.

The UL 1618-2009 Standard

The UL 1618-2009 standard requires a series of tests including:  Thermal Resistivity testing, an Accelerated Aging test, Radiant Panel test, Burning Brand Test, Impact and Strength tests.  We can state with confidence that our floor protectors will give you years of safe and durable service.

In 2009, Underwriters Laboratories adopted UL 1618-2009 as the standard for Wall Protectors, Floor Protectors and Hearth Extensions.  AJ, and other manufacturers of hearth protectors, worked closely with UL to develop this standard. The result is a system that simplifies matching the appropriate floor protection to the hearth appliance.  Floor protectors are divided into two basic categories – Type 1 Ember Protection and Type 2 Thermal protection.

Type 1 Ember Protection

Many modern hearth appliances do not require thermal protection (heat resistance) on the floor.  These products installations guidelines may specify a non-combustible material or ember protection.  Over time stove installation guides will use the new “Type 1 Ember Protection” designation exclusively.  A Type 1 floor protector provides protection from accidental ash or ember spillage. A Type 1 protector has thermal resistance but, for the purposes of UL-1618 Type 1 Ember Protection is considered to have a thermal resistance of R = 0.

If any amount of thermal resistance is required by your hearth appliance, then Type 2 Thermal Protection is necessary. Older appliance installation guidelines may express the requirement as a “k” factor, an “R” value, or thicknesses of millboard. Over time stove installation guides will use the new “Type 2 Thermal Protection” designation exclusively and express the thermal resistance requirement as “R-value.” AJ Type 2 floor protectors have a minimum R value of R = 2.1. R values up to R = 10 are available. Check with your hearth retailer to ensure you choose a floor protector that meets or exceeds the thermal protection specified in the appliance installation guide.

Protecting your home.

PLEASE NOTE: There are still a few manufacturers of floor protectors who do not submit their product for safety labeling. Look for the safety label. Floor Protectors tested and approved to UL 1618-2009 are clearly marked with the manufacturer name, model, and will be designated as Type 1 Ember Protection or Type 2 Thermal Protection. In addition, tested Type 2 Thermal Protectors will specify the “R” value of that particular model. Older floor protectors that were labeled to the old UL Subject 1618 prior to 2009 were not tested for thermal protection. Should the unthinkable happen and an accident occur, your insurance company will be looking for a safety label.



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