The flagship line of AJ floor protectors

Signature Series Storm Sky floor protector
Stormy Sky (PCSS)

Shown with Gun Metal Gray Premium Edge 6″ Pedestal Tile Faced

Signature Series Harvest Moon floor protector
Harvest Moon (PCHM)

Shown with Textured Bronze Metal Edge 6″ Pedestal with Dark Walnut Stain

About Signature Series Floor Protectors

Pedestals are a very popular option for AJ floor protectors. Not only are they attractive but they serve the practical purpose of raising your stove for easier loading and cleaning. AJ pedestals are the strongest in the industry; designed expressly to support the considerable weight of a stove. The Signature Series is made with all the quality features and options of our Hearth Originals plus all the benefits of an attached pedestal.

AJ ember only protection Signature Series hearth pads were tested and approved by Omni Research to UL 1618-2009. Our AJ thermal protection Signature Series hearth pads are tested and approved by U.L. Laboratories with a “R” rating of 2.1. This is an UL listed product.

AJ Signature Series thermal pedestal
Bottom view of a corner hearth Thermal Pedestal

The AJ Difference

Every AJ pedestal is permanently attached to the hearth. We found that add-on pedestal “kits” were just not strong enough to support the weight of many stove models. Our pedestals are reinforced and braced to handle the weight of a stove without sagging or warping.

All AJ pedestals are custom made. 3½” and 6” heights are standard but they can be ordered in heights from 1½” to 6” high in ½” increments (taller by quote). Signature Series hearths come to you completely assembled and ready to install, saving you time and installation cost.

Choose from any of the Hearth Originals tile colors with Metal or Aluminum Edging. Metal Edge hearth pedestals are finished in Tricorn Black unless a wood stain is specified.

Premium Edge Options

Signature Series Edge Options
From left to right: Textured Black, Gun Metal Gray, Textured Bronze

Stain Color Selection

Signature Series stain color options


Standard 2 LOP Dimensions

Hearth Originals Standard 2 LOP Dimensions
2 LOP Hearth Pad
32 x 3232-3/428-1/46-1/42432-3/4
36 x 3636-3/430-3/48-1/224-3/436-3/4
41 x 4141-3/430-1/214-3/420-1/441-3/4
48 x 4848-3/436-3/416-3/42548-3/4
52 x 5252-3/440-1/416-3/42952-3/4
56 x 5656-3/444-3/416-3/432-1/256-3/4
60 x 6060-3/448-1/216-3/437-1/260-3/4

Single LOP Corner Dimensions

Hearth Originals single LOP corner diagram
Corner Hearth Pad
32 x 3232-3/42214-3/438-1/4
36 x 3636-3/42516-3/443-1/2
41 x 4141-3/429-1/216-3/450
48 x 4848-3/436-1/216-3/460
52 x 5252-3/434-1/224-3/462
54 x 5454-3/437-1/224-3/464-1/2
56 x 5656-3/438-1/424-3/466-1/2
60 x 6060-3/442-1/224-3/472-3/4

Hearth Extensions & Rectangular Shaped Dimensions

Hearth Originals Hearth Extensions & Rectangular Shaped Dimensions
Hearth Extension
12 x 4848863912
18 x 4848-3/412-1/26-1/23718-3/4
24 x 3232-3/420-1/46-1/224-1/424-3/4
28 x 3232-3/4246-1/224-1/428-3/4
36 x 4848-3/429-1/28-1/236-1/236-3/4
48 x 3648-3/429-1/28-1/236-1/236-3/4
48 x 5448-3/442-1/21724-1/254-3/4
54 x 4854-3/436-1/21730-1/248-3/4
52 x 5656-3/440-1/21732-1/252-3/4
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Please Note: Actual tile, stone, and stain colors may vary significantly from the digitized picture samples shown.  We recommend that you visit your local AJ dealer to view material samples.