About AJ Manufacturing

We are America’s premier manufacturer of floor protection products for the hearth industry.

AJ Manufacturing, LLC is a family owned business established in 1996 to respond to the growing need for safe, high quality floor protection for wood and pellet stoves. From the beginning, owners Jim & Pam Bellavance have been committed to producing the best possible products at competitive prices. From humble beginnings, AJ has grown to be the premier manufacturer of floor protectors for hearth products in the United States.
Hearthstone floor protector shown with a Hearthstone Heritage woodstove

A Family Business

Today, AJ offers a broad selection of products to suit every taste and budget.  Every AJ product is first quality, regardless of price. Durability is ensured by the use of high quality materials including the tile surface materials, steel and/or wood components, and the appropriate substrate (the material under the finished surface). The thin-set mortar, used to adhere the tile or stone to the substrate, is specially modified to ensure a very strong, permanent bond. Every AJ floor protector carries a 3 year limited warranty.

Made to Order

Because every AJ product is made to order, custom sizes or design modifications are welcome. At AJ custom work does not mean high prices.  A nominal set-up fee is added to the price of a similarly sized standard hearth. Visit an authorized AJ dealer to see the AJ difference.

Committed to Safety

AJ is committed to your safety.  All AJ floor protectors are tested and approved to Underwriters Laboratories standard UL 1618-2009 by OMNI Laboratories, in Portland, Oregon.  All thermal floor protectors were tested by UL Laboratories to UL 1618-2009 and approved with a R rating of 2.1. All UL listed products sold by AJ Manufacturing are tested by UL every 3 months to assure that all of our products meet the specifications that they were originally tested for.

Made with pride in Connecticut, USA

The AJ manufacturing facility is located in beautiful eastern Connecticut.  Every AJ product is made to order by skilled local craftsmen. Wherever possible AJ uses materials produced in the United States.  Protecting American jobs is a core component of the philosophy at AJ.



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