Floor protection for Jotul stoves

The name Jøtul is synonymous with high efficiency wood burning. During the energy crises of the 1970’s Jøtul woodstoves were well ahead of most U.S. models in terms of heating efficiency, and consequently they sold in large numbers. Since that time Jøtul has remained a fixture in quality Hearth Products showrooms and a leader in advancing the technology. Today’s Jøtul stoves feature state-of-the-art, EPA certified combustion housed within beautifully cast stove bodies which come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

AJ Jøtul Collection floor protectors are specially designed to accommodate these unique shapes while providing the required clearances. Selecting the proper floor protector model for your Jøtul woodstoves could not be easier. Locate your model on the chart below and select either a straight or corner configuration. Pick the tile or stone color of your choosing, and leave the rest to us.

Jotul F 600 Firelight
The Jotul F 600 Firelight offers both front and side loading options.
Jotul F 118 Black Bear
The Jotul F 118 Black Bear honors the traditional long & narrow firebox design.

Size Chart

Jotul Collection by AJ hearth selector

AJ Jøtul Collection floor protectors for Jøtul stoves equipped with side-load doors (such as the F600 Firelight pictured above) are available in two sizes.  The smaller size floor protectors will require that the stove be placed off-center on the hearth or, in the case of a corner application, that the side door be disabled.  The larger floor protectors are sized to allow side-load stoves to be centered on the hearth, meet all clearance requirements, and are labeled accordingly in the chart above.  New this year is an optional corner filler which will allow rear and/or sidewall venting of the stove.

NOTE: AJ Jøtul Collection floor protectors come standard with our Metal Edge Banding for strength and durability. Our angle iron edging stands up well to the daily loading and maintenance of a woodstove. In addition, the longer length of some Jotul Collection models (such as the F118 Black Bear pictured above) requires the additional strength of angle iron. While we strongly recommend Metal Edge banding, our beautiful Wood Trim may be ordered as a custom option. Please be aware that due care must be exercised to prevent damage to the trim. Damage caused by normal stove operation is not covered under warranty. In addition, AJ Jøtul Collection floor protectors with Wood Trim will require a pedestal to stiffen the assembly.  Please consult your dealer.

AJ floor protectors for Jøtul woodstoves are tested and approved to UL 1618-2009 by OMNI Labs as either TYPE 1 Ember or TYPE 2 Thermal protection.

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