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AJ Hearth Basics are made with the same top-quality materials and attention to detail as our Hearth Originals floor protectors. By limiting the ceramic tile color selection and pad sizes to some of the most popular options we are able to offer premium quality at value prices.

Hearth Basics floor protectors use the same Metal Edge Banding material as our Hearth Originals series. The 1¼” steel angle iron edging provides rigid support and impact protection around the entire perimeter of the hearth. Wood trim is not available on Hearth Basics floor protectors.

AJ Hearth Basics are tested and approved to by OMNI Labs. They are available as or protection.

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Hearth Basics Dimensions

Please Note: Actual ceramic tile colors may vary significantly from the digitized picture samples shown. We recommend that you visit your local AJ dealer to view material samples.

In 2009, UL adopted UL 1618-2009 as the standard for Wall Protectors, Floor Protectors and Hearth Extensions. AJ, and other manufacturers of hearth protectors, worked closely with UL to develop this standard. The result is a system that simplifies matching the appropriate floor protection to the hearth appliance. Floor protectors are divided into two basic categories – Type 1 Ember Protection and Type 2 Thermal protection.

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Many modern hearth appliances do not require thermal protection (heat resistance) on the floor. These products may specify a non-combustible material or ember protection. A Type 1 floor protector provides protection from accidental ash or ember spillage. A Type 1 protector has a thermal resistance of R = 0.

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If any amount of thermal resistance is required by your appliance, then Type 2 Thermal Protection is necessary. The appliance may express the requirement as a “k” factor, an “R” value, or an equivalency in thicknesses of millboard. AJ Type 2 floor protectors have a minimum R value of R = 1.1. R values up to R = 10 are available. Check with your hearth retailer to ensure you choose a floor protector that meets or exceeds the appliance specifications.

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