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Steel-Backed Gas Fireplace Surrounds

AJ Steel-Backed Surrounds are the best choice for fireplaces with arched faces and/or for oversize fireplace surrounds.  AJ maintains a library of templates for all of the most popular premium fireplace models.  Simply specify the opening size of your mantel and AJ will do the rest.  If we do not have a template for your fireplace model, no problem; just provide us with the fireplace specifications.

AJ Premium Surround Interlocking System
AJ Premium Surround Beige
AJ Premium Surround Brazilia Brown Mantel

Finished Premium Surround

Matching Fireplace Hearths

Matching fireplace hearths are available:

  • Hearths are 1” thick with steel edge banding
  • Depths of 6”, 12”, 16” & 20” (in 1/4” increments)
  • Widths from 45” through 72” (in 1/4” increments)
  • Hearths over 12” deep are available with square or cut corners

If you wish to match existing tile in your home, we can make your surround from tiles that you supply.


AJ Premium Surrounds are available in all Premium ceramic tile finishes and Vermont Slate.
Premium Tile Color Options (click to enlarge)
Tile Color Sampler Premium Surrounds

Please Note: Actual tile, stone, and stain colors may vary significantly from the digitized picture samples shown. We recommend that you visit your local AJ dealer to view material samples.

AJ Steel-Backed Surrounds provide the extra strength and rigidity needed for oversized surrounds. Steel framing and AJ’s dual alignment system ensures that the surround stays straight and square. When the wall around the fireplace is not straight, flat, or both, the Steel Backed surround is the only solution. The surround will provide a flat, even appearance. 

Please Note: Care must be taken to not force the surround to conform to the uneven wall by over-tightening fasteners.